MN FIRST – Urgent – 2017 game pieces and field elements

MN FIRST – Urgent – 2017 game pieces and field elements

Team Leaders, this is a short notice opportunity.  The Minne Mini off-season competition is this weekend and it is our last competition with this year’s game. After the event ends on Saturday evening, we will be disposing of the field elements and game pieces.  Because there is so much “stuff” this year, we are opening up the distribution to all MN teams.  Here’s a link to a form to be filled out and returned to me ( ) by Thursday at 5:00pm( ). I will hold a drawing for each of the assemblies and will notify “winners” on Thursday night.

This list shows the assemblies that will be given away.  If there’s a quantity listed [e.g., Airship (2)], there are two sets that will be given away separately.  No electrical or electronic components are included in the drawing.

  • Airship (2) — bases, railings, top channels with black plastic for railings, floor, ladder, and three rotors with propellers, including all plastic cladding, without Rightsight sensors or rotor motors.  Note that this component contains the steel airship base and is quite heavy.
  • Airship Steam Tanks (2) — fuel units including plastic cladding and rotor 1, without motor and Rightsight sensors
  • Boiler (2)  — frame (4 sides), plastic cladding and chute, net holders, net, serializer, ball conveyor, ball table (less motors, power supply, and sensor)
  • Hoppers (6) — set of two hoppers
  • Loading chutes (6) — individual chute
  • Loading side border and alliance station wall (2) — 2x polycarbonate panel, 1x polycarbonate panel, 1x aluminum frame
  • Gears (5) — set of approximately 10 gears
  • Fuel (10) — set of approximately 100 fuel
  • Carpet (4) – one quarter field (15’ x 35’)

The fine print:  The drawing is open to all Minnesota teams.  You must have one or more team representatives present at Minne Mini for the lunchtime meeting and at the close of the event on Saturday along with adequate transportation to take your winnings away from the event at that point.  You can appoint another team as your surrogate at the event, by emailing Mark Lawrence with the contact information for your surrogates.  You must take the complete component if you win — no leaving behind parts of the field.  Motors, sensors, and other field electronics are not included in the drawing.

Mark Lawrence
Chairman, MN FIRST Regional Planning Committee

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