MN FIRST – updated CSA contact info, team resource survey, Week 0 event

MN FIRST – updated CSA contact info, team resource survey, Week 0 event

Team Leaders, the countdown to Kickoff is underway (the Minnesota Kit of Parts are shipping this week).  To illustrate how real the season is becoming, see the Week 0 event announcement from Team 4239, WARPSPEED, below.  Also, note a call for competition volunteers.  We’ve gotten a good start on survey responses so please take 5 minutes and fill it out for your team.

Based on some user comments, the Control System Advisor contact procedures have been cleaned up:

Slack URL: For new Slack users: – To contact CSA’s and other teams in a live session.
Trello Board: – To view all support tickets CSA’s open.
Twitter: @firstmncsa – To contact CSA’s via digital media.

At JumpStart on Dec 2nd, many of us mentors had a lengthy discussion concerning team support from your school and school district.  The survey questions reflect some of the issues that were brought up and will take less than 5 minutes to fill out.  So far 69 of 215 teams have completed the survey.  Please have only one person from your team fill out the survey:

Call for Volunteers.  There are volunteer openings at all of our events.  Of particular need right now is Robot Inspectors.  For most inspectors, the time commitment is primarily on Thursday getting all the teams ready for practice matches after lunch.  If you would like to help for any position, please register in the Volunteer Registration System: ( ).  Not sure what role works for you? Please check out the full list of FRC Volunteer Roles. If you have specific questions, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Laurie Shimizu (

Greetings Minnesota FIRST robotics teams,

Have you ever gone to your first regional of the year, spending $5000, only to see your robot fail to do what it was designed to do. Have you ever wished their was a better way to train drivers, test autonomous modes, and validate strategies before your first regional and bag day. Have you ever wished there was just three more build days after your first regional event so you could fix those problems that always show up at your first regional. Well now there’s a new event that your team can attend on February 17th and it’s called the West Central Week 0.

The West Central Week 0 (WCW0) is a new Week 0 event that will be hosted this February by WARPSPEED 4239 in collaboration with the teams of the West Central Hub robotics alliance. This event will have a near perfect full wooden mock up field on real FRC carpet. In addition we will have a practice field in our pit area and our shop will be open to all teams that need to work on their robot.

This event will be held at Willmar High School on February 17th from roughly 8am-4pm. The cost will be $150 for those teams that do not supply game pieces and $125 for those teams that help us by lending their game pieces to the event for the day. For more information or to register as a team or as a volunteer please visit our website using the link below.
Also if you have any questions or just want more information feel free to email us at

Hope to see your team there,

Regards, Mark Lawrence
Chairman, MN FIRST Regional Planning Committee

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