FIRST Great Northern Regional – lunch forms

FIRST Great Northern Regional – lunch forms

Team Leaders, we are very sorry for the delay in posting the Team Box Lunch Order Form.   The form is now posted on the regional website ( ).  Information about the event can also be found on the FIRST website ( ).

We would like to provide some additional guidance.  While there are a couple of restaurants in the same building with the Alerus, they are not known for feeding large numbers quickly.  There also aren’t any restaurants within walking distance to the center.  Someone would need to make a food run.  Not huge distances, but definitely drive-to locations.  Remember that you cannot bring food or drinks into the arena.  Do bring empty water bottles as there will be refill water available.  Here is some guidance on food available at Alerus concessions:

Water/soda  – $3.00
Candy            – $3.00
Hotdogs       – $3.75
Polish           – $ 4
Pretzels w Cheese – $5
Nachos       – $4
Soup          – $ 3 or 4 depending upon type
Burgers     – $5
Chix Sands  – $5
Cheeseburgers  -$6

Regards, Mark Lawrence
Chairman, MN FIRST Regional Planning Committee

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