Duluth Directions

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DECC parking fee:

  • $5 per space per day
  • $10 per day for oversized vehicles or vehicles pulling a trailer

Trailers/Vans/Trucks – Park in DECC’s Southeast Lot (Across from the William A. Irvin).
Overflow parking options:

  • Northwest corner of DECC Lot (Near AMSOIL Arena) See parking fee above.
  • Bayfront Lot B (West on Railroad St.) Must park in West End of lot near dumpsters. No charge.

Busses/Semis – After unloading, park at Bayfront Lot B (West on Railroad St.).
Must park in West End of lot near dumpsters. No charge for this lot.

Multi Day parking is available:

  • Teams/Vendors who plan to park in DECC Lot each day can pay for the entire stay as you enter.
  • A receipt will be issued for the number of days paid.
  • Save and show this receipt when re-entering.
  • If vehicle will not be leaving the lot, a receipt will be issued to post in visible location of vehicle.

Team Load-In

There will be no charge to park during Load-In on this day ONLY. Regular rates apply for Thursday-Saturday.

Lake Superior Teams load in at Garage Door 7.
Northern Lights Teams load in at Garage Door 9.

Team Load-out – New this year

The DECC will be packed full of events on your last day of competition. For a more safe and efficient load-out, we ask that you adhere to the following Load-Out Instructions.

Team Drop-off on Saturday:

All team busses and trailers arriving on Saturday will park in Bayfront Parking Lot.
Teams can be dropped off at Entrance B with the bus then leaving the DECC lot.

Load Out

  • Load-out will occur on Harbor Drive at Garage Door 7. Line up at this door when ready to load-out.
  • When available, teams and busses will also be directed to Garage Door 6.
  • Harbor Drive will be closed to thru-traffic to make this safe and easy.
  • Only Robotics team vehicles will be allowed on this road.
  • Busses and trailers will not enter the DECC Parking Lot at all for load-out. There will be NO load-out at Door 9.
  • Please keep in close contact with your driver to coordinate your load out location and time.
  • Team vehicles are not allowed to pull up to the doors until your team is at the front of the line to move out.
  • If your team plans on moving out before the end of the competition, you must use Door 7.

Questions can be directed to DECC Parking,