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MSHSL/FIRST Robotics - new event details

For Minnesota FRC Teams attending the MSHSL/FIRST Robotics State Championship - some important updates!

New Schedule to allow teams to play 8 rounds during the qualification matches. 

7:30am: Doors open to all, teams enter (via entrance doors on University Avenue)

8:30am:  Opening Ceremonies 

8:45am – 1:15pm matches

1:15pm – 2:00pm lunch break

2:00pm - 2:45pm matches

Email Blast - CAD and Week Zero - December 10, 2014

Team Leaders, there is CAD training this coming Saturday December 13. Also, a couple of Week Zero scrimmages are announced!

Email Blast - Dec 3

Team Leaders,  this is just a quick reminder about MN Splash and the addition of a couple of new events.

Email Blast - MN FIRST Late Fall Events - November 10 2014

Team Leaders, welcome to all the new teams and new team leaders!  As of today there are 191 teams in Minnesota with 12 of those being rookie teams.  This is just a quick update on some events coming up in the near future.  

Email Blast Oct 14 2014 - Minne Mini-Regional Competition

Minnesota FIRST Teams, there are still a few open slots for the Minne Mini-regional at Prior Lake HS on Nov 22rd.  This is a perfect opportunity to fine tune your team dynamics and introduce new team members to the excitement of FIRST competitions.  

Email Blast Sept 19 2014 MN FIRST - Fall Training Events

Hello Minnesota FIRST  Robotics Teams! As we are still in registration and organizational mode for the season, not every team has updated its team contacts in the FIRST TIMS. Please pass this info along to current team leaders.  For those ready to jump in, here are several opportunities:

GOFIRST SummerTraining

MN FIRST Teams, a summer training opportunity to bring your members up to Kickoff Speed. Hosted by GOFIRST, the University of Minnesota FIRST alumni organization, The FIRST Summer Mock Kickoff will be held Saturday, August 16, 2014. Mock Kickoff is an all-day event that helps teams understand how to develop their post kickoff design strategy for the FRC season. We will also discuss what to expect at an FRC Kickoff and how to prepare for the build season in general.

Email Blast - June 26 - Gitchi Gummi, FTC Rookie Grant, GOFIRST 3rd Annual Summer Robotics Summit;Team Training Opportunity

Hello MN FIRST Teams:  The following information was sent to main contacts this week. 

Looking for a late-summer srcrimmage? The Gitchi Gummi Get Together is in need of teams! 

MN FIRST - summer and early fall events

Summer and Early Fall Events in Minnesota include:

The MN State Fair slots have been filled.  Sharon Manninen, the State Fair exhibit coordinator, will be contacting participating teams with dates and other info.

GOFIRST 3rd Annual Summer Robotics Summit

MSHSL/FIRST State Championship - important details

For Teams Attending the MSHSL Competition this weekend, some important details:

We did not purchase Game Balls, so please bring balls with you to use for the competition.  Make sure that your team number is on the ball. 

NEW! THERE Will be a Practice Area at STATE. Rochester 2530 is bringing a high goal (half length), low goal, and short plywood truss.  Nevis (team 3102) will bring a piece of carpet.

The national anthem choir, made up of team members, will meet at Pit Admin at 7:45am for practice.  Dean Diers, Team 3840, will be the director.