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Email Blast May 3 2013 MSHSL/FIRST State Championship event info

Team Leaders, congratulations on qualifying for the MSHSL/FIRST State Championship.  Here are a few details to help with your planning.

1) Between your last FIRST event and the MSHSL championship, you are allowed to work on your robot for a total of 8 hours with a 2-hour minimum per work session.  You must bag your robot between work sessions.  Using normal zip ties to secure your bag is OK but you must log your activity (including outreach).  The robot must come to the event in its bag and be accompanied by the lock-up log.

Email Blast March 17 2013 FIRST North Star and 10,000 Lakes Event Information

Team Leaders, the North Star and 10,000 Lakes Regionals are just around the corner.  Are your teams ready?  Here are a variety of items that you will find useful.

Email Blast Feb 25 2013 FIRST North Star and 10,000 Lakes event Information

Team Leaders, welcome to the North Star and 10,000 Lakes Regional competitions.  Here are a number of items that you will find useful.

Email Blast Feb 27 2013 FIRST Lake Superior & Northern Lights Regionals - final notes

Team Leaders, 

All the MN regional competition venues (the DECC, Williams Arena, and Mariucci Arena) have vendor contracts that prohibit the public from bringing their own food and drinks to an event held in those buildings.  Violation of this policy is our number one headache at the Minnesota regional competitions.  This rule applies to teams and spectators.  Your cooperation in getting this message out to your team and all the spectators is greatly appreciated.

Email Blast Feb 25 2013 FIRST Lake Superior and Northern Lights Regionals

Team leaders, the Northern Lights and Lake Superior Regional events are just over a week away.  Here is some info that you will need and be mindful of the upcoming deadlines.

- Please email Mark ( by March 1st if you intend to enter the Junkyard Robot Competition so that we know how many to expect.  Details can be found at (  Each regional will have a winner. 

Email Blast Feb 6 2013 MN FIRST Season Update and Events

Team leaders, two weeks to lockup.  Please review the Bag & Tag requirements in the game manual to make sure that you follow the rules.  Please let us know if you’re having trouble getting your robot running.

Email Blast Feb 5 2013 FIRST Lake Superior and Northern Lights Regionals

Team leaders, here are some items of interest for the Duluth regional competitions, Northern Lights and Lake Superior

Email Blast Jan 23 2013: Additional Pre-Ship Scrimmages and Eagan STEM Career Fair

Team Leaders, a couple of updates:

Nordic Storm, Team  3018 from St. Peter, is hosting a pre-ship event on Saturday, Feb 16th, from 8:00am to 5:00pm at Gustavus Adolphus College .  Please see the following web page for additional details and registration:

Email Blast Jan 16 2013: First Update of Season

Team Leaders, this is the first update of the 2013 season.  Just as a reminder, this email only comes to you as main contact/team leader.  It is your responsibility to pass this information on to mentors, team members, parents, etc. as you see appropriate. 

Email Blast FIRST Kickoff - Coffman Union

Team Leaders, the Kickoff is Saturday and here are a few items that will help you get ready for the event.

 We've picked up 400 additional seats in the Coffman Union Theater and the PoKo teams (see below) will be watching the broadcast from the STSS building.  This means I can lift the 10 team member limit on attendance.  There will be 96 teams in attendance.