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Email Blast: FIRST Kickoff - Coffman Union

Team Leaders, the Kickoff is quickly approaching and here are a few items that will help you get ready for the event.

We've picked up 400 additional seats in the Coffman Union Theater and the POKO teams (see below) will be watching the broadcast from the STSS building.  This means I can lift the 10 team member limit on attendance.

Email Blast: Late Preseason Update

Team Leaders, here are a couple of late preseason items.

MN FIRST Fall Training

Team Leaders, there are several training opportunities in the next few weeks.  Please take advantage of these events, as they will make your season go much smoother. 

Dec 1st –- Itasca Community College in Grand Rapids - seminars on building and programming a robot.  Contact Kim Damiani.

Dec 1st - Mock Kickoff (MoKo) at the U of MN Twin Cities

FIRST Duluth Regional Events

Team Leaders, welcome to the 2013 competition season!  Now that you’ve registered (or are still on the waiting list) for the Duluth Regionals, it’s time to start thinking about the logistics for the events.  We have been working on housing options with Visit Duluth and have posted hotel options on the MN FIRST website.

Email Blast: Fall Training

Team Leaders, in the next few weeks there are several training opportunities to take advantage of.  Some are more informal than others but all are great opportunities to prepare your teams for the 2013 competition season. 

Ongoing all fall on Saturdays – Dunwoody College of Technology (see

Email Blast: MOA event this Friday

Team Leaders (particularly the 7 county metro teams),

Fish in the Boat, an FTC team mentored by Scott McDowell, is hosting a Minnesota FIRST event at the Mall of America this Friday at part of the MoonBots competition.  This is an opportunity to show off your robot and interact with the greater public in supporting FIRST.  Come and be part of this exciting event – with or without your robot (good time to wear your team shirts).  Please read Scott's email below and go to the suggested portion of the Fish in the Boat website to see if this outreach activity appeals to your team.  If so, get in touch with Scott immediately (  This is a very different outreach event for the FIRST program.  It provides a unique marketing opportunity that exposes us to a very different crowd, it will be a lot of fun, and we need your support.

Email Blast: MN FIRST fall training and resources

Team Leaders, as always, please pass this information along to your team members and mentors.  There are lots of training opportunities between now and the Kickoff.  Please watch the Regional website and your email for more info:  St.

Email Blast: MN River Valley Rendezvous last call

Team Leaders,

As your team gears up for the FRC season, consider attending the pre-season MN River Valley Rendezvous at St. Peter High School.  On November 10th, Team 3018 (Nordic Storm, St. Peter) and Team 2220 (Blue Twilight, Eagan) will be hosting a practice event aimed at learning.  Many workshops will be held; a full field will be available for training drivers; other teams' robots will be on hand so you may learn about different drive trains; and some spinoff versions of the Rebound Rumble will be played.  This is a last call for sign-up.  

Email Blast: Dunwoody Fall Training

“Brush up on your basic Robotics Skills (including the opportunity to program state-of-the-art Fanuc Industrial Robots)”.

FIRST Teams! This Fall, Dunwoody College of Technology’s Robotics & Manufacturing Department is hosting a series of Saturday morning hands-on seminars including:

FIRST MN Robotics Invitational

Team Leaders, there is still time to register and play at the MN Robotics Invitational on Oct 6th at Roseville High School.  This is a great time to get your team started on the 2013 season.  If you have a rookie team, its a good time to connect with veteran teams and see what competitions are all about (no registration required).  To register, see the Firebears MRI web page (


Regards, Mark Lawrence