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MN FIRST Alumni Association

The Minnesota FIRST Alumni Association (MFAA) is for FIRST Robotics alumni who participated in a FIRST Robotics program (FLL, FTC, FRC) in Minnesota, or alumni that participated elsewhere but currently resides in Minnesota.

The goal of the MFAA is to promote continued involvement from FIRST alumni in FIRST programs, set up networking events for FIRST alumni and FIRST sponsors, guide and support FIRST Alumni during their transition to life after high school, and to support and promote FIRST Robotics in Minnesota.

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Bison Robotics

Currently composed of approximately 100 North Dakota State University students, Bison Robotics is an organization that strives to promote and advance student knowledge in the areas of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, professionalism, and leadership. As an organization, Bison Robotics participates year-round in both engineering-based competitions as well as in service-based events

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GOFIRST Robotics is a student organization at the University of Minnesota. Created September 2009, GOFIRST Robotics supports the FIRST Robotics program in the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas. The organization mentors teams, volunteers at regional events, and facilitates workshops for students in Minnesota. GOFIRST Robotics volunteers at many FIRST events, including regionals within and outside Minnesota, as well as the FIRST Championship event and numerous off-season events.

Through GOFIRST Robotics, University of Minnesota students are able to take skills learned in the classroom and apply them to real world projects, network with sponsors in the program, and develop teaching and communication skills. The leadership skills gained from mentoring, volunteering, and teaching are priceless for our students.

In addition to volunteering in the FIRST program, GOFIRST Robotics participates in several robotics competitions including VEX U, Autonomous Snowplow, and Robot in Three Days. Competitions are member driven, and give students the opportunity to apply skills gained in their coursework to concrete problems. More info about these competitions can be found under the Build menu.

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FIRST MN Women's Mentor Group
The FIRST MN Women’s Mentor Group was formed to:
– Build a supporting network of other women mentors in the FIRST Minnesota community
– Develop yourself personally and professionally
– Inspire both male and female FIRST students to pursue their passions
– Stay positive, motivate, and encourage change

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Team Hubs/Alliances/Coalitions
Hubs, Alliances, and coalitions are groups of teams teams that are geographically related and dedicated to providing mutual support and assistance.  Being in an HAC gives you external resources to look to for advice, support, and assistance with the problems you don’t know how to solve.  It also gives your team opportunities to reach out and assist other teams, which always looks good in a Chairman’s presentation.

Central Minnesota Robotics Hub

The CMNRH is home to over 15 teams across central Minnesota, and strives to support teams across year-round. The hub runs training events, scrimmages, kickoffs, and is always looking to do more!


Minneapolis Urban Robotics Alliance

MURA (Minneapolis Urban Robotics Alliance), founded in 2015, is a collaborative group of 22 FTC and FRC teams within the Minneapolis metro area. As an alliance, we are working on several common goals including: build the sustainability and competitiveness of urban teams, increase diversity and inclusion in FIRST, build a strong FIRST pathway for urban K-12 students and increase awareness of FIRST and STEM. FTC and FRC teams meet both during pre-season and build season.


Northern Minnesota Robotics Conference

The NMNRC (Northern Minnesota Robotics Conference) aims to serve the interests of FIRST® teams in northern Minnesota by spreading the message of FIRST® and STEM beyond the Twin Cities metro area. The NMNRC hosts a FIRST® Kickoff event (January) and a Week 0 event (February before Bag Day). Additional events are sure to be added. Please join us!


Roseville Area Hub

The Roseville Area Hub is home to 10 area teams.  Mentors from the hub regularly meet Saturday mornings to provide mutual support throughout the fall and build seasons.  Teams in the hub host off-season and week-0 events!


Seven Rivers Robotics Coalition

The Seven Rivers Robotics Coalition supports and promotes Science Technology Engineering & Math, STEM, education in general and the FIRST® Robotics program, specifically in the Seven Rivers Region, encouraging and exposing our students to the professions of tomorrow.

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St. Paul Hub

St. Paul Hub supports FRC and FTC teams in the city of St. Paul We have Google Groups to support FTC and FRC team adult and student leaders. The google groups are used for asking questions and discussing challenges and plans. St. Paul HUB’s 15 teams’ coaches and mentors also gather in-person monthly for mutual support. Teams in the hub host off-season, build support, and week-0 events.


West Central Hub

The West Central Hub is a robot alliance made of 5 FIRST Robotics teams: 3276, 4238, 4239, 6628, 6707. It was founded in November of 2017 to help teams throughout the year, organize community events, and to put on the West Central Week 0 event annually.