Online Assistance

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Official Resources
These are the official resources provided by FIRST®.
FRC Blog – This is the official blog for FRC.  Check it out often for updates from Frank and the rest of the staff from FIRST®!@FRCTeams – This is the official Twitter account for FRC.  Be sure to follow it, as well as the MNFIRST Twitter account!FIRST Forums – This is the official support forums for FIRST®.  They support all levels of FIRST® programs.
Community Resources
These are community based resources that all teams should be aware of!
Chief Delphi – This is a popular community based forum for discussing all things related to FIRST, with a focus on FRC.

The Blue Alliance – This is a popular site for viewing team and event history, event live streams, and other information from events.

Robot Sports Network – This is a collection of web-based shows centered on the FRC program.

FIRST Updates Now – This is a web-based show centered on community news and discussion around the FRC program.

Registration Resources
These resources are intended to assist with team member registration.
FIRST Youth Registration Guide

2018 STIMS Guide provided by FRC Team 1816

2018 STIMS Guide provided by FRC Team 2177

MN Volunteer Registration Guide

CSA Resources
These resources have been provided by the Minnesota Control Systems Advisors
File Reference – A list of files, with links, useful for programming and control system maintenance

Reference Sheet – A list of links to online references useful for programming and understanding the control system.

Inspection Resources
Mock inspection video – This video was done by MN Lead Robot Inspector Jon Stratis as part of the GreenHorns Ri3D project for 2018.