Email Blast Feb 27 2013 FIRST Lake Superior & Northern Lights Regionals - final notes

Team Leaders, 

All the MN regional competition venues (the DECC, Williams Arena, and Mariucci Arena) have vendor contracts that prohibit the public from bringing their own food and drinks to an event held in those buildings.  Violation of this policy is our number one headache at the Minnesota regional competitions.  This rule applies to teams and spectators.  Your cooperation in getting this message out to your team and all the spectators is greatly appreciated.

One more pitch for the team social.  The John Beargrease dog sled race was rescheduled to start on March 10th.  Events start on the 8th so people for that event will be coming to Canal Park at the same time as you.  Also, there is U of MN Bulldog hockey on the 8th and 9th  at the DECC. The team social is an easy meal or make your restaurant reservations now.  Details for the team social can be found at (  We’d like reservations by March 4th so we can get a preliminary count to Grandma’s.

Saving seats in the stands has become a topic of much discussion among mentors.  This year, in an attempt to lessen the effect, 2 seats for each team will be reserved in a prime viewing location for scouts.  The seats will be identified by team number and may only be used by members of that team.

Once again, there will be a multi-team choir to sing the national anthem.  Practice will be at 4:00pm on Thursday.  Please meet in Pioneer Hall (Lake Superior Regional pits) in the area just prior to heading to the competition floor.

Only a minimum number of extra bags for robots are being shipped to the event.  Please be careful when you un-bag your robot because you may need to bag it up when you leave (e.g., 2nd regional competition, FIRST Championship, MSHSL State Championship)  Teams that do not want to keep their bag please bring it (FOLDED) to Pit Administration – where Pit Admin will try to keep as many folded, reusable bags as possible.

BRING A TEAM ROSTER to EVERY Competition you Attend! It has come to our attention that teams are required to bring a Team Roster and Consent and Release forms to every event you attend this year.  This is a change from previous years.


Mark Lawrence, Chairman, MN FIRST Regional Planning Committee