MN FIRST- MSHSL change and Mall of America demo

Team Leaders, two items today:

Tomorrow, I need to give the Children’s Museum a list of interested teams for the demos at the Mall of America on Sunday, February 19th.  Please email promptly if your team is interested (

I am pleased to announce the expansion of the MN State High School League and FIRST State Championship to 36 teams.  The MSHSL Board approved the change this week so we have posted the new qualification criteria on the MN Regional website (  General info can be found at ( ) and ( ).  The other big change, previously discussed, is there will no longer be qualification points awarded for presenting for Chairman’s Award.  If your team wins a Chairman’s Award at any regional, it automatically qualifies for the Championship regardless of point total (this is not a change).

Regards, Mark Lawrence
Chairman, MN FIRST Regional Planning Committee