MSHSL Championship

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Season Begins:

The season shall correspond with all dates and guidelines outlined by the FIRST Robotics Competition.


Each MN FIRST robotics team will be eligible to participate in the MSHSL/FIRST State Championship held on May 21, 2016 at Mariucci Arena on the U of MN Twin Cities campus.  Teams will qualify for the event based on their performance at their initial FIRST Regional competition regardless of the location.

Robot Requirements:

Teams will follow all the rules and guidelines of the FIRST Robotics Competition. Each robot must pass inspection to be allowed into the competition. The State Championship is a bag and tag event. Teams may unlock their robot for a total of six (6) hours between the team’s last competition and the MSHSL/FIRST Championship event. The six hours may be broken up in any way the team wishes, with the exception that no single access period may be shorter than two (2) hours. This is patterned after the District event guidelines (Admin Manual Section 5). Teams will document their work time as per FIRST rules for bag and tag events. Teams arriving without proper documentation on the Robot Lock-up Form or an unbagged robot can be disqualified at the discretion of the Lead Robot Inspector.


Team Membership:

All students eligible for membership on a FIRST Robotics team will be eligible for the State Championship.  Students must be in Good Standing as defined by MSHSL rules to participate.  Exception: No students in grade 6 or under will be eligible. 

MSHSL Eligibility Information Brochure:

Prior to participation in the state co-sponsored event, the student and one parent or guardian must sign and return one copy of the Eligibility Information Brochure to the student's school or the lead team mentor.  The student and parent or guardian signature will certify they have read, understand, and agree to abide by the information provided.

State Competition Qualification:

Teams qualify based on their performance point total at their initial FIRST Regional competition. Qualifying points are based on the District Model except points are applied from only one regional event.  Click here for the full qualifying point description. The exception to these point valuations is for a Chairman’s Award submission.  By submitting at any Regional competition, the team will be awarded 10 points.  If teams present for Chairman’s at multiple events, they will only receive 10 points.  A team winning a Chairman’s Award at any Regional competition automatically goes to the State Championship.  A total of 30 teams will qualify for the tournament. Given that teams play at many different events on different weeks, invitation to the State Champion will be after the FIRST Regional events have concluded.  Many of the point entries are manual operations and, consequently, errors may occur in point totals.  Every effort will be made to correct any unintended errors.