Online Assistance

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These are the official resources provided by FIRST®.

FRC Blog – This is the official blog for FRC.  Check it out often for updates from Frank and the rest of the staff from FIRST®!

@FRCTeams – This is the official Twitter account for FRC.  Be sure to follow it, as well as the MNFIRST Twitter account!

FIRST Forums – This is the official support forums for FIRST®.  They support all levels of FIRST® programs.


These are community based resources that all teams should be aware of!

Chief Delphi – This is a popular community based forum for discussing all things related to FIRST, with a focus on FRC.

The Blue Alliance – This is a popular site for viewing team and event history, event live streams, and other information from events.

Robot Sports Network – This is a collection of web-based shows centered on the FRC program.

FIRST Updates Now – This is a web-based show centered on community news and discussion around the FRC program.